Adjustable Wired Push-Up Bra

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Color: Black
Size: 34B/C
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Introducing our Adjustable Wired Push-Up Bra, the ultimate flattering bra! This bra provides exceptional support without compromising on comfort, making it perfect for all-day wear. With compression fabric under the bust and in the back, it smooths out your back area, ensuring a seamless look under any outfit. Get ready for amazing curves, comfort, and the support you deserve with our Adjustable Wired Push-Up Bra.

Size Suitable for cups Your underbust girth (inch) Upper chest (inch)
34B/C 34B, 34C 30-32in 34.5-35.5
34D/E 34D, 34E Missing 36.5-37.5
36B/C 36B, 36C 32-34in 36.5-37.5
36D/E 36D, 36E Missing 38.5-39.5
38B/C 38B, 38C 34-36in 38.5-39.5
38D/E 38D, 38E Missing 40.5-41.5
40C/D 40C, 40D 36-38in 41.5-42.5
40E/F 40E, 40F Missing 43.5-44.5
42C/D 42C, 42D 38-40in 43.5-44.5
42E/F 42E, 42F Missing 45.5-46.5
44C/D 44C, 44D 40-42in 45.5-46.5
44E/F 44E, 44F Missing 47.5-48.5
46C/D 46C, 46D 42-44in 47.5-48.5
46E/F 46E, 46F Missing 49.5-50.5
48C/D 48C, 48D 44-46in 49.5-50.5
48E/F 48E, 48F Missing 51.5-52.5